Our team, our consortium partners

Project is inspired by

Prof. Dr. Dr. Harald Mischak, Dr. Agnieszka Latosinska, Dr. Justyna Siwy
mosaiques diagnostics GmbH, Hanover

Partner scientists from commercial organisations

Prof. Dr. Arndt Rolfs, Arcensus Diagnostics GmbH

Christian Dehne, Philips Medical GmbH

Partner scientists from the clinical and research fields

Prof. Dr. Joachim Beige, Department of Nephrology and Interdisciplinary Translational Research Center
Klinikum St. Georg gGmbH, Leipzig

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Waltemath, Core Unit Data Integration Center, Greifswald University Hospital

Prof. Dr. Olaf Wolkenhauer, Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, University of Rostock

Prof. Dr. Nils Hoppe, Centre for Ethics and Law in Life Sciences Universität Hannover and Consentris GmbH Hannover

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hindricks, Helios Herzzentrum Leipzig

Prof. Dr. Timm Denecke, Diagnostic Radiology, University of Leipzig Medical Center

Prof. Dr. Harald Rupprecht, Clinic for Nephrology, Hypertensiology, Angiology and Rheumatology, Klinikum Bayreuth GmbH

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Walter Kolch
Systems Biology Ireland & Conway Institute School of Medicine, University College Dublin, Ireland

Prof. Peter Rossing
Research Leader Complications Research
Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

Prof. Antonia Vlahoua
Biomedical Research Foundation
Academy of Athens

Prof. Jan Staessen
Emeritus Professor of Medicine
Research Institute Alliance for the Promotion of Preventive Medicine
Biomedical Sciences Group, Faculty of Medicine
University of Leuven

Prof. Christoph Wanner
Department of Internal Medicine I, University Hospital of Würzburg; Head of Nephrology
President of the European Renal Association (ERA-EDTA)

Prof. Dame Anna F Dominiczak
Regius Professor of Medicine
University of Glasgow